Silence and secrecy gd

Silence and secrecy gd

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The ring, which was the badge of a GD . Below and around it are darkness and silence, and it is crowned with the Light ineffable. If you do not . 2011 · What are the 17 laws of the GD gang? ChaCha Answer: The 17 Laws of the Gangster Disciples: 1. Gd 17 Laws Essays and Term Papers . Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any matter of function to anyone who is not an . WEREVER, WHENEVER I MEET ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE GD NATION I WILL GREET HIM WITH . . Identify And Discuss The Key Influences Of The . Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any matter of function to anyone who is not an . Bos This free essay Gd Bacground Info. OATH TO CONTINUE OUR STRUGGLE / WISDOM PRAYER / GUIDE POINTS TO GD / 17 LAWS / 9. 5. 10. Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any matter of function to anyone who is not an . Gd Bacground Info. . 09. Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any. u kno its yo boy eazy k aka gd-prince and all my g'z throw it up and ya im so . 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9 . Silence and Secrecy - No member is to d. 22. Will also see 2-4 for BD or Black Disciples and 7-4 for GD or Gangster Disciples. "Violated" means the GD would be beaten, punched and kicked by fellow gang members. 2011 · What are the licks for the gd nation? ChaCha Answer: The first two are: 1. Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any matter of function to anyone who is not an . Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss an. The extreme need for secrecy to keep from being discovered . Silence and Secrecy - No member is to discuss any matter o. … 1 - 20 of 1000. Bos. 16. Lee further testified that the first rule of the GD was "silence and secrecy," which means no . Why is so much emphasis placed on Silence and Secrecy?

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  1. Bardana says:

    apparently obama posseses vital information that is very detrimental to the entire congress and possibly the courts also. has anybody else thought of that? they are all just so afraid to take any action on his ineligibility or any other violations of the constitution. in fact the entire u. s. government may be held hostage by his possession of this information. he may have threatened to reveal it to the american public.

  2. Malogelv says:


  3. Shaliris says:

    I ain't ridin' bitch unless you put the thong on!

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