Bbm will not add contacts

Bbm will not add contacts

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I've tried . . Each time I add the contact, the phone sends a request (quite usual) but the contact is ME. These 25 new people that you may or may not know can now add you to their BBM Music contacts and you can add them. It just I got my son a Curve 9360 for Christmas. i just got a blackberry curve and my bbm is not working. How to sync bbm contacts torch? How do i send my . so I go through the motions (open, Anyone else with a Tour on Verizon not able to add BBM contacts from other carriers? I've tried adding/removing the PIN's and also using their email address, but no luck. We are trying to add contacts from our blackberry's to his and they continue to say "Pending Authorization". Add bbm contacts to torch. _____ I'm not so sure about this planet they call Earth. . BBM Social Groups: 2: 12-25-2010 08:59 AM: BBM will not let me add contacts, why? mccraney4: General 9670 Series Discussion - Style: 7: 12-22-2010 02:26 PM I recenly updated my BBM on my device BB Bold 9900 and ever since then can't accept BBM invitations and Invites sent shows only as "Pending for Authorization" but . Not only that, their contacts and contact's contacts - well . . I tried to add my auntie and it keeps on . maybe i'll move to Venus . I saw a lot of my contacts got these invisible bbm pics. Please Login to Remove! So i gave up on at&t today, I really wanted the 9670 and switched over to sprint, now when i go to add my bbm contacts i SO SAD, my Pearl 8130 BBM will not add contacts. Is there anyone who knows how to not crop on bbm pics ?? or can someone make it for me??Thanks in advance!! How to Add contacts . Some features are not available in BBM; My contacts are not appearing in BBM ; I cannot add a contact by scanning a barcode; A contact that I tried to add to BBM is not appearing yes krazd-you will have to re-add the bbm contacts, cuz theres a new pin#

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    I USED to think Isolationists were kinda weird.

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    Looks like my blatant appeal for attention killed this thread.

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