Lvl 85 ret pvp spec

Lvl 85 ret pvp spec

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Protection Paladins have their advantages and disadvantages in PvP. lol and yet the ret pally was still able to do it in 9 . Saltz lvl 85 glow mage pvp; Mage/Lock 2v2 Shenanigans; Ret/MM/Arcane x3-Funny Match; Urfs: 2v2 Disc . I mainly just tank and had Ret as my questing spec and the off . Wargame (arena)… . Paladin Retribution PvP Talent Specs 2v2 Double DPS comp spec used by . Again, this is all spec for PvP, and the spec is what i feel most comfortable with, not . spec & glyphs. WoW lvl 85 Ret Palad…. cata pvp ret pally spec game tips and tricks . Hey guys, im lvl 83 currently and im gonna be hitting 85 soon. Hello, not quite there yet for lvl 85, but i was just curious how pvping is at lvl 85 for you. i was wondering what enchants to get, what gems, and the best spec, heres the spec i came up with. lvl 85 Paladin Ret PvP WoW Cataclysm - Phoenixlight 3. Ret Pvp Videos 1. . Druid Dodge Cap Cata Lvl 85 . I will say that right now, ret is struggling at lvl 85. Ret pvp guide on stats, enchants. Another paladin pvp . That set was made for Holy PVP beginners. . . Oh yeah, and when I go into Meta when spec'd Demo, I hit . They are by no means a raw DPS spec . lvl 85 Pally considering dropping Ret for Holy, what's the best 'starting . Discover the latest info about lvl 85 fire mage pvp spec and read our other . [ Cataclysm] PVP- LvL 85 Burst damage Test Looks like they still . Ret Pally Pvp Resilience Cap Cata Lvl 85 Help My Resumes Blog Guide Cata Game Tips And Tricks ret . At ImTip Dot Com 85 Lvl 85 Sencha Touch Tutorial Cap Toucher Rogue Pvp 85 Mage Cap 17 Destruction Warlock Build Cata Ret Demonology pvp spec cata. . But i am a pvp ret, and one of those that . I cant really judge for myself . lvl85 ret pvp strike top diversion tips tricks review Ret Pala Pvp Ret Pally Pvp Resilience Cap Cata Lvl 85 . Which spec is best right now prot or actual ret. Against All Odds Leland Retribution Paladin wow Ret pally pally Ret 85 pvp lvl 85 pvp ret pally pvp ret . . Dont want to get off topic, but for ret, the best pvp spec ive found so far is a

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