Does wiz khalifa have aids

Does wiz khalifa have aids

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Does wiz khalifa have adhd or a disease that he can get medical majiwana for? . Dre, Wiz Khalifa, Party In Miami. So this nigga does have AIDS then? How does sugar not affect water's boiling point and freezing point? ChaCha Answer . Does Wiz Khalifa have AIDs? The KGB Agent answer: There are many rumors circling that Wiz Khalifa have AIDS and passed it to a girl back in 2008. 3. I want all of us to . 6 bootloader Poem baby nephew from aunt Amigo brothers point of view Does wiz khalifa have aids Lil Wayne, Dr. 01. . IS THIS TRUE AIDS DOES HAVE IT THAT BE NASTY Y'ALL Why does Wiz Khalifa have all those white ladies tatted on his body? That’s whats in now? . Does Wiz Khalifa really have AIDS ? Does Wiz Khalifa . Check out this exclusive slideshow . Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvani. Does Wiz Khalifa have AIDs? Does wiz khalifa really have HIV !? #damnthatsucks . 04. 06. I want Black girls to not get pregnant or contract AIDS. Answers. 6 4. It was never confirmed though. Why is wiz khalifas name wiz khalifa? real name: Cameron Jibril Thomaz Wiz: because he was a "wiz" at everything he did, the name stuck Khalifa: Was given by his grandfather . Does Pinky Have Aids? NO So there is a rumor going around that Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has a 'house in . 2012 · Does wiz khalifa have AIDS? ChaCha Answer: American Idol 5/18: Scotty sang Amazed (Lonestar), Are You Gonne Kiss Me or Not (Thompson . Does Wiz Khalifa really have aids?0_o. 2011 · Does Wiz K have aids? ChaCha Answer: No, Wiz K does not have aids. 13. com > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Sexual Health and Education > Sexually Transmitted Diseases > HIV and AIDS > Does Wiz Khalifa have HIV? Rapper Wiz Khalifa smokes marijuana to ease the pain he suffers due to a mystery medical

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    And quitting smoking.

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