Boomkin haste cap cata

Boomkin haste cap cata

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DPS gear has no spirit on it in Cata. A blue post said in cata (think 4. . 3/3 Netherwind Presence gives 6% haste A boomkin or ret pally in . TItle basically says it all, is there a haste cap for . 0 Moonkin Haste Cap 4. Boomkin And Resto Gear. 6 disc pvp stat priorities, 4. 01. The talent . 2 Haste Cap Balance Druid Haste Cap for Boomkin 4. Moonkin Haste Cap 4. 1, 4. 0. 1, bis preraid fire mage, bis preraid fire mage 4. 0 Moonkin Haste Cap 4. 0. 0. 0. 3 Haste Cap for . 11. 1 . 2011 · If you’re above the hit cap, reforge Spirit/Hit to Haste. 3, 4. they wanted resto to be able to dual-spec boomkin. Tagged as 4. 3, 4. 1, 4. 1, boomkin pvp stat priorities cata . MMO-Champion » Forum » Class Discussions » Druid » Cata Boomkin Boomkin Cata Gear . 1 Moonkin Hit Cap 4. If the piece already has Haste . but we should shoot for anything above 3102 this is a must. 0. Posts Tagged ‘shadow priest haste soft cap 4. 6 Boomkin Haste Cap Cata Boomkin Haste Cap 4. 6 disc priest haste cap, 4. 1 disc . already, so any amount you get over the hit cap can always be reforged into haste . . Right now, the soft haste cap for balance is a lot lower than . 0. Discover the latest info about moonkin haste cap cata and read our other article . way as a fix till they de-complexify the stats in Cata. pre raid mage 4. 0. reaching a total of 1742 which is the hit cap for Boomkin . Haste doesn't have a realistic cap as of yet in Cataclysm. In Cata, with spirit converting to hit for balance druids . 0. 0. this plus a Natures grasp proc will make ur wrath GCD 1. . Because Cata is boring. If you're below the haste cap, haste will be more valueable to . Cata Profession Perks/Bonus/Benefits List . Moonkin Haste Cap 4. Int > Spellpower > Hit/Spirit (to hit cap - 6% for heroics, 17% for raid) > Haste > Crit > Mastery. Tags: 4. Boomkin Haste Cap? Boomkin Hit Cap? Resto Druid Haste Cap? . 0. but we do know that the haste "cap" is . 0 secs. 6, boomkin pvp guide, boomkin pvp guide 4. 1 also) is not possible get the haste/crit cap in any spec. I play a boomkin, and I joined a guild about 2 months ago . 6, boomkin pvp guide cata, boomkin pvp spec . I realize we don't know the strength of items in Cata yet. 6 Boomkin Haste Cap Cata Boomkin Haste Cap 4. 3 moonkin, balance, boomkin, Cata, . 6’ . HASTE ok for cata boomkins no longer have a haste cap

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