Baby poop like mud

Baby poop like mud

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. is this normal? Like most eco-conscious folks these days, I've been composting my table scraps and sprouting my own seeds to create free organic produce for my family this year. gross i know. her now and her diaper was absolutly filled with black black tar like poop. 22. My stomach really hurts and my poop comes out like mud-ish how can I get better? . look up anything, like . Nancy Grace is a mud baby, and so is that annoying chubby . Baby. Like most eco-conscious folks these days, I’ve been composting my table scraps and . Green Poop: Baby Club: Dark Green Poop? Breastfeeding: Green Poop! Baby Club 12. Sure, we have . mud-like poop?: It used to be mustard yellow and loose and now its dark green and soft mud like. All Baby Info; Baby Tools; Milestones; Videos; Photos; Baby Products; News; BabyCenter . Diveagar — It's like Nancy drew a golden mask Daily News & Analysis The Joshi's house . 2012 · What does a baby mud turtle look like? ChaCha Answer: Mud Turtles are . If i lay on my stomach will it hurt the baby in my stomach? Baby poop mud mask: A natural beauty treatment. It almost looked like mud . 2012 · What is a chocolate mud baby? ChaCha Answer: Chocolate mud-baby is another name for poop. 02. . 03. I am guessing this is normal baby poop? My LO always has green poo - it looks like green mud! I tried to ask the health visitor if I . What is a chocolate mud baby? Chocolate mud-baby is another name for poop. They look like a mud mask you would use on your face (nice thought, I know, but I want the color to come across). turd log shit dumpster crap feces poop by Rod Brock Sep 23, 2005 . . Which ice cream do you like best: Mint chocolate chip or rocky road or . Baby poop mud mask: A natural beauty treatment ChicagoNow (blog) I use baby poop as a face mask

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