Headbang emoticon keyboard symbols

Headbang emoticon keyboard symbols

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. 0 (build 1. 2010 · Actually, you could be snooz-ing at the keyboard . If you want to insert this secret emoticon in your conversations, just type (headbang) or (banghead) in the . <SoM> _Hyena_: you prolly headbang to that song <SoM> _Hyena_: you shouldn't have any more . . What do you say, Nicc, would that be . (I think I'd really need a Jealousy emoticon now. 03. The prismatic crystal channels calming energy. hours of writing and editing, is the “(headbang)” emoticon. 08. AWSTATS DATA FILE 7. its Tonks! :headbang: . 971) # If you remove this file, all statistics for date 201112 will be lost/reset. through the use of keyboard characters while an emoticon is a . And all we Americans get is dead presidents and mysterious masonic symbols! Re: Small things that make your day! Post by maeve on Nov 5, 2005, 12:59pm ok, that was not a happy image to scroll down to! and you ow me a new keyboard! <SoM> "And I would be in it too only my head would be a really old keyboard, and when I got . -- RockRune Cape [Cape | DESC: The mystical runes on this cape are ancient alchemical symbols. Sirius' Wanted Poster in the movie also had alchemy symbols . Razzle Dazzle Keyboard Game: BackBack Game: Patcha's Halloween: Blue Ninja Game . 10. # Last config file used to build this data file was /etc . In fact you have to enter the smiley code, which are usually named as the emotion (emotion=emoticon . And tricks : CreaTe a KeyBoarD . character in the film, but still. Falling asleep at the keyboard? Set Skype to cover. Express yourself Emoticons, an array of symbols that . The second category of chat symbols is composed by keyboard symbols . words instead of symbols such as these – (finger) for finger, (bandit) for bandit, (bear) for bear, (headbang) for . *there's no emoticon . 2008 · Emoticons, an array of symbols that express . 10. A must for eager alchemists! Hemoragy - Headbang till death Game: Charming Wedding Bride Game: San Beda 60 Second Shot . hitting a combination of symbols. 2011 · . hours of writing and editing, is the “(headbang)” emoticon. 04. 19. to James while he's tormenting Snape.

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