Affliction warlock pvp guide

Affliction warlock pvp guide

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If you didn't find what you were looking for so far on this guide, the answer may reside here. that you have a very basic idea on which Warlock pvp gear is best for affliction you might be interested to find out about destro lock gear. Get Zygor's Guide . PvP Affliction Warlock Frequently Asked Questions . Here is my definitive Warlock PvP Guide to affliction which is arguably the best warlock pvp spec in general for both battlegrounds and arenas. . Warlock PvP Guide is not just about cast a bunch of DoT spells and run around. Can anybody link an aff pvp guide or give me some pointers? Thanks! ----- Post added 2011-11-10 at 03:22 AM . These are what you need: [Affliction Lock PvP Rotation] You’ll hear a lot of pvpers say that there really isn’t a set rotation in pvp and I agree somewhat but still it doesn’t hurt to make a . Noxxic PvP Guide: Affliction Warlock 4. Warlock sets · Starting a warlock · Warlock PvE guide · Warlock PvP guide · Warlock . My lock is almost getting to 85 and I'd like to pvp with him. Get the best Warlock talent build to maximize your DoT and survivability here! . [Intro]In this general guide, I'm going to write about how to succeed in PVP as an affliction warlock. to leveling, including talent selection, can be found under Leveling a warlock. the end-game players who focus on PVP soon realize that coming up against a warlock . Whether you do strictly battlegrounds or just arenas this guide will be . Again, this is only a very basic guide . Affliction Warlock PVP Build 31/7/3 . Affliction . This is the best Warlock PvP guide for affliction around and the affliction spec in general is the best Warlock PvP Spec around - find out what you're missing! Perhaps the most important part of warlock pvp is what spec you choose to use. A PvP Warlock's strategy may seems simple: just running around while casting DoT spells, but a decent Warlock PvP guide can give you more detail than that. 3 . In my experience there is not one single spec that is universally good for all pvp situations but . PvP Affliction Warlock Gems List for Yellow, Blue, Red, Meta Sockets, and

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