Bubble strouggle blackberry

Bubble strouggle blackberry

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3 Responses to Bubble strouggle blackberry

  1. Balladondis says:

    Warner Todd Huston says, that in a blow to the autonomy of the media, it has been discovered that employees of two Old Media outlets are the happy beneficiaries of hundreds of thousands of federal dollars from an ObamaCare slush fund. CBS and the Washington Post have both taken large payments from Obama's Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP), with the Post getting $573,217 while CBS has received a whopping $722,388.

  2. Munilar says:

    Where is a good "sproing* sound affect when you need it?

  3. Fordreath says:

    The Brazilians better be careful, any time Obama gloms on to any country, he brings trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

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