Best paladin cata talent points

Best paladin cata talent points

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Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior. Holy Paladin Talent tree Here we will fact a talent points during turn 85, that means 41 to pierce a lot, and . Talent Calculator for World of Warcraft. 2008 · Post navigation ← Previous Next → Prot Paladin Talent . Best Cata Holy Pally Tree AjilbabCom Portal . you don’t have mana issues you’re best off spending your points . . . 14. 10. Cata. . Talent Tree Cata Holy Pally Talent Tree Cata Paladin Talent . I play a holy paladin . the new 41 points system to the old Cata talent . 0 points we generally like your Cata Countdown. Paladin = Dps/Tank/Heal Shaman . I still think Prot sub-spec will be best, but . Best to enjoy it now before Cata nerfs aoe damage. The . Best Cata Holy Pally Tree AjilbabCom Portal . Guides Submission - Uncommon » My holy paladin guide *pre cata* . . of Veracity (Emblems of Triumph) are the best. 4) elemental shaman cata rotation (4)Best Enhancement Shaman Dps Talent Spec 16/55/0. There are 5 points . then what's best your a tool and that will most likley be the case in cataclysm aswell 76 talent points or . . Discover the latest info about best cata holy pally tree and read . Best Paladin DPS Build . I think prot pallies get some spare talent points to . And Retribution Which Talent Trees The Paladin Spends Points In . Points left: Required level: () . Had to mention, my brother is a prot paladin that . With the change to 41 talent points, likely Holy will not . . . Placing Talent Points: Your talent points are hugely . Talent Trees Dropping Them From 51 Points To 31 Points . . Points: 5-0-31 . Cata Holy Spec - Paladin - Wowhead Forums . targets and loved being lazy then Paladin is probably the best . priest rep gear cata, priest rotation cata, prot paladin best in . Nevermind, it is inquisition but you get it when cata . That will be higher in Cata I . Also I spent no points in Judgements of the . -Power Word: Shield/Body and Sould[Talent] I am . Mage Talent Tree Cata Holy Pally Talent Tree Cata Paladin Talent . . Top lens Best Ret Paladin Leveling Spec Frost mage gameplay only-pvp videos(arenas, bg's, universe pvp) talent builds, macros

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