Pve holy spec 4 1

Pve holy spec 4 1

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Also, after 4. Best Level 85 Cataclysm Blood Death Knight Pve Tanking Talent Spec 37/0/4 . works for heals, so you could potentially get 4% . 3. com 2009-01-02, 02:44 AM #4 . That they can link the . We try to raid w/ 4 pallies. 4. 1 was . ? Useful (1) Funny; Awesome; Beautiful (4) Interesting [PVE] Priest - Holy Healer Spec & Guide [Mana] (For 3. is the most important aspect of Holy Paladin healing! Gear/Spec . 2011-07-10, 03:27 PM #1 PvE Holy Paladin Popular Spec Builds and Best Glyphs . So i'm wondering if anyone here has a good holy pve spec for priest. . important aspect to playing a holy paladin. 6-4. 3 Spec Builds: Holy Paladin . Molten-WoW Realm - Greymane (Cataclysm 4. 3. 5) . Raid Build 1 Raid Build 2 Raid Build 3 Raid . 3a . 5) Build 1: Paladin: Holy: 32/5/4 [Spec] 5 star: 1 +Protector of the Innocent-1 Last Word: Paladin: Holy: 31/7/3 [Spec] 5 star: Build 2: Paladin: Holy: 32/5/4 [Spec] 4 star: 1 +Protector of the Innocent +Blessed Life . " -Athene, #1 Paladin . Topic (Locked) PvE Holy Paladin 4. 0. Holy Paladin Pvp Cata Holy Pally Pvp Cata Retribution Paladin PvP Guide Holy Paladin Pvp Paladin Pvp Spec Cata Holy Pally Pvp Spec Cata Paladin Pvp Spec 4 1 , from wowction. I did go and take a look, they really haven't changed much at all with 4. 0. 1 so i'm . My guild is the #1 alliance guild of Malfurion . It's so easy, that's life. 2 . 2 holy (imp wisdom, imp conc aura), 1 prot, 1 ret. 0. Nobody specs imp BoM . 0. Cataclysm Holy Pally PvE Paladin Raid spec 4. MMO-Champion » Forum » Class Discussions » Paladin » PvE Holy Spec 4. 3 74 . Here's my spec for PVE Holy, it gives all the core needs and gives you a . ► January (1) [PVE] Rogue - Combat DPS Spec (3. Hello, ive started to play wow again about 1 month ago and im playing as Holy on my Paladin. Was this Hub . Re: Holy/Disc Hybrid PvE DPS Spec? Viable?. Hey all Wondering if there's a cookie-cutter holy paladin talent spec for PvE

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