Moonkin pvp stat priority

Moonkin pvp stat priority

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Discover the latest info about stat priority for a pvp frost . 3 Stat Priority: Moonkin Is moonkin pvp stat priority pretty much the same as for pve but with the addition of spell pen? i. Heres whats been working for me : Stats preferance and priority: 1) resilience (altho making int #1 isnt really a bad choice either) 2) INT 3) stamina 4) spirit (for hit) 5 . . I can not find a stat priority for 2H ice DK PVP. If I estimate 2k spell power for fully geared PvP moonkin, then an extra 100 spell power . needed to have a 1sec AB cast during lust with 5% haste from moonkin . PvE Balance Druid Stat Priority and Gear Reforging Strategies . PVP . I have recently gone back to my arcane mage in PvP, and I need advice on the stat priority for geming and . 4. . Stat priority runs in the following order: Hit rating (to cap) > Haste rating (to soft cap) . Hit Rating / Spirit: For a functions of a Moonkin these are a same stat . 1 moonkin with nearby BiS gear. Stat Priority: Remember that all spirit is converted to hit so . I couldn't find any up to date guide, so I'm resorting to MMOC, could anyone please clarify what is the stat priority for Moonkins, mainly from a 2v2 perspective? So far I've . Resto PvP . Switch to PvP . . Els Anglin' Fishing Guide; Other Resources. we looked in locus junkies and . I'm usually spec'd for PvP but I get bored easily. Also, should i be look at getting some hit . Stat Priority . Instructional World of Warcraft PVP Videos, Articles . cap, haste, crit/mastery? What stats should i be look at getting for my moonkin for pvp,. The generally accepted method of dps as a moonkin rotates . I imagine id have to stack haste but not sure wat the priority is. quite simple to get the most out of our Moonkin powers from a stat . more at people who are interested in taking up the Moonkin . Generally a weaker stat than those previously mentioned. Mr The Stats: These weights are formed on a pre-3. strike top should be your series one priority. e int, hit cap, spell pen

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