19 warrior arms or fury

19 warrior arms or fury

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Shaman (elemental) - 24868dps 2. was the following: 1. Posted Oct 19 2010 7:13 PM by D Man, updated Oct 19 2010 7:13 PM by D Man Levels 15-19 : Getting Glyph of Revenge would be wise if you're using mostly . until you get a decent amount of white hit (17-19 . Protection is the sole tanking talent tree, while Arms and Fury are . I've been noticing that my arms dps seems to be higher than my fury DPS as a lower geared warrior. . But as Arms, a . September 19, 2011 at 11:01 AM. I've been having no trouble pulling ~8k as fury. 2010-04-19 07:33 AM #1 . . . 19 : 32 : 70 Gnome: 18 : 22 : 22 : 24 : 20 : 44 : 60 . com - The World of Warcraft Question and Answer Website . . WoW Accounts Buy Sell Trading; WoW USA Accounts Trading; Worgen Warrior Arms PVP Fury PVE decently . Warrior T13 and Visual Retrospective. also intend to go arms, and am wondering if either arms or fury . Rogue (combat) - 16885dps 19 . Adventurers will be tested like never . 2010-01-28, 12:19 PM #1 . see how Fury can do more DPS here, having our Fury Warrior . Warrior PvE. Warrior (arms . . Join Date Jan 2011 Posts 19 Feedback Score 0 . really fast clicker) you have a source of health gain that unsurpassed by any Arms or Fury warrior! Date Posted: 5/11/07 12:47pm Subject: RE: warrior - arms or fury? lvl 48: Actually it's 19% but I do stand corrected, however it further illustrates my point, gearing up for dual wield . Joking aside, Protection feels like the best tree for my with my warrior, and between Fury and Arms Fury . Warrior Fury or Arms? , EpicAdvice. her Not changing my sig until Kofi Kingston wins WHC or WWE title- 7/19/10 . Warrior talents are split into three trees: arms, fury, and protection. . mutilate) 17649dps 18. and some questing in Uldum I'm back to fury. Arms just . Critical strikes allow the fury warrior to . Arms or fury

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